Systems for trenchless partial sewer rehabilitation

Schwalm Robotic GmbH is a notable manufacturer of special machinery for trenchless partial sewer rehabilitation. The SCHWALM SYSTEM, designed as a construction kit, includes milling and sewer rehab robots, robot accessories and tools, HutlinerPackers® and high-quality system components for expanding special vehicles for partial sewer rehabilitation. Schwalm supplies sewer renovation sector companies around the world. The company is based in central Germany, in Bad Hersfeld.

Schwalm Kanalsanierung

Pipeline, sewer, and industrial services

Also known under the name of Willi Schwalm in Bad Hersfeld and across the country, Schwalm Kanalsanierung specializes in sewer cleaning and trenchless partial sewer rehabilitation.
Cleaning segment: High-pressure jetting of sewers, cleaning wastewater collection tanks such as cesspools and grease separators. Rehabilitation segment: partial rehabilitation using short liners and hat seals, TV inspection of house connections and recording sewer conditions.